Economy Rent a Car Samos

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Stellar Customer Service with the Lowest Prices


What characterizes us and separates us from our competitors, is we have been able to offer the highest quality Car Rental service on Samos at the lowest possible cost. We are here for you 24 hours a day. Your safety is our first priority. Trust “Economy Rent a Car Samos” for your car rental on our beautiful island, with the best prices on Samos.

Large Fleet


At “Economy Rent a Car Samos”  we are proud of the quality and ample selection of cars we are able to offer our customers. We can fulfill ever transportation need on the island of Samos.

Make you online reservation from our trustworthy booking system, and see our prices and availability of all the vehicles of our fleet.

Pick-up and Drop-off


We are in a position to offer Pick-up and Drop-off service by appointment on all of Samos, and of course at the Airpot, the sea ports, or your hotel when you desire.